Join health workers to commerate International Workers Memorial Day

If you are in the London area we invite you to join us as we stand in solidarity with Doctors in Unite and remember the dead while renewing our commitment to fighting like hell for the living! If you are not in the London area, send a message of support via email ( or twitter and Doctors in Unite will read these out at the event.

 From Doctors in Unite:

Please join us at the Covid Memorial Wall (Westminster bridge end), to remember our colleagues who have died while working on the front line to keep us safe from the Covid-19 virus. Speakers will include:

 Jackie Applebee (Doctors in Unite) Dave Carr (Unite rep and ICU Nurse); 

Shelly Asquith (TUC National H&S Officer); 

Colenzo Jarett-Thorpe (Unite National officer for health);
Helen O’Connor (GMB, ex nurse and NHS union organiser); 

Dr Meenal Viz (campaigning NHS doctor); Dr Anna Livingstone (Barts Unite);

Sarah Byrne (teacher NEU).

 Most workers don’t die of mystery ailments, or in tragic “accidents”. They die because employers decided their safety just wasn’t that important. Covid 19 has caused the deaths of at least 2,129 health and social care workers in England and Wales.

 Protections have been inadequate since the start, and even now most are refused protection against the main way the virus spreads, through the air.

Other essential workers, like bus and train drivers, shop workers, cleaners, security guards, teachers, food industry workers and others have also paid a heavy price due to the government’s catastrophic handling of the pandemic.

Many have 2-3 times the death rate from Covid compared to managers, as do Black and Asian workers.

 This has to stop, people should not have to risk their lives doing their jobs.

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